ARGUS Symposium


Twenty years of B meson mixing

1987 – 2007


Symposium, DESY Auditorium

09 November 2007 14:00



This half-day symposium has been organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the discovery of B mixing by the ARGUS experiment at the DORIS storage ring at DESY in 1987. The ARGUS discovery of B meson mixing marks an important milestone in B physics and the measurement of a (at that time) surprisingly large mixing rate started to pave the road towards future B physics precision experiments that were then later performed at Belle and Babar.

We have set up a site with ARGUS pictures . If you have any additional photos which we could make public, please let us know. In case you find yourself on a photo in this archive and feel impinged upon your personal rights, please contact the ARGUS symposium organizers.

The proceedings from the ARGUS Symposium "Twenty years of B mixing" containing the collected contributions from the Symposium speakers are now available.

If you are interested in receiving a printed version (for free), please send us your exact postal address to mailto:argus-fest@desy.de.
You can find the URL of the file on the page "Program".
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